Marsh’s 20th Wedding at Boston College, Boston, Bulk

Marsh’s 20th Wedding at Boston College, Boston, Bulk


“The actual purpose of degree would be to ready yourself young men and female for productive citizenship within the a free of charge kind of government.”Message at the William and you can sburg, Virginia, 5/ [AUDIO]

“Training is really bread-and-butter citizenship. It is simply needed seriously to brand new development regarding people that will would their duties properly.”Press conference, Arizona, DC, 2/9/55

“It is risky to make degree too cheaper. In the event that everything is considering easily, there is certainly a propensity to put zero worthy of towards some thing. Knowledge must always has actually a certain rates with it; even as the procedure for understanding alone should want personal work and step.”Address, Centennial Celebration Banquet of the National Studies Organization, Arizona, DC, 4/4/57 [AUDIO]


“One of my personal predecessors is claimed to own observed one during the to make their decisions he had to operate including a sporting events quarterback — he might much less really call the following play up to he saw the last play turned out. Well, one , in it is currently no chance to operate a regulators.”Address within Cow Palace with the Recognizing the newest Nomination of Republican National Conference, 8/ [AUDIO]

“An audio country is built of people voice inside the body and attention and you may heart. Regulators dares perhaps not overlook the personal resident.”Target during the good Rally on the Personal Square, Cleveland, Ohio, 10/1/56 [AUDIO]

“We can not safely limit government apps to the own residential improvements and you may our own army energy. We can be the wealthiest while the really great nation and still clean out the battle of the globe when we do not assist our world natives include its freedom and you can get better the societal and monetary advances. This is simply not the intention of the American those who brand new Us ought to be the wealthiest nation on the graveyard of history.”Special Message on Congress to the Mutual Safety System, 3/


“Nevertheless most interesting — even if horrible — eyes that we encountered in the trip is a trip to an effective Italian language internment go camping close Gotha. What i saw beggar breakdown. As i was touring the newest camp I found about three boys exactly who was actually prisoners and also by you to definitely ruse or another got produced their escape. We questioned her or him thanks to an interpreter. The latest visual proof as well as the verbal testimony regarding milf free starvation, cruelty and you can bestiality was basically so seizing on leave me personally a great section unwell. In one single place, in which it [there] was in fact piled up twenty or thirty nude people, slain from the starvation, George Patton wouldn’t also go into. The guy said he’d become ill if the he did thus. We produced the check out purposely, to be in place to give earliest-give proof of these things if ever, in the future, truth be told there grows a tendency to charges these accusations simply to ‘propaganda’.”Page, DDE so you can George C. Marshall, 4/ [Brand new Documentation regarding Dwight David Eisenhower, The battle Ages IV, doctor #2418]

“I consistently uncover German quantity camps having political prisoners inside the and that conditions off indescribable headache prevail. You will find decided to go to one among them me and i also assure your you to definitely almost any might have been posted on them at this point could have been understatement. If you’d look for people advantage into the inquiring from the 12 frontrunners from Congress and a dozen prominent writers and come up with a good quick visit to so it movie theater in a couple C-54’s, I can strategy getting him or her presented to at least one ones areas where the evidence of bestiality and you can cruelty can be so seizing concerning hop out no doubt in their brains concerning the regular methods of your own Germans in these camps.”Cable, DDE so you can George C. Marshall, 4/ [The fresh Records of Dwight David Eisenhower, The war Decades IV, doctor #2424]

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