Crash and the Males had been incinerated, leaving Gender Bob-omb new champions automatically

Crash and the Males had been incinerated, leaving Gender Bob-omb new champions automatically

When you are walking, Scott and you will Ramona doing messaging. As time passes, Ramona suggests Scott a great subspace home, Scott and you may Ramona walk over to it to get in Ramona’s domestic, when you look at the coldness Scott endures, the guy walks to help you Ramona’s bedroom, but learns which is Ramona’s switching, and you may apologizes as he was cold. Ramona ona’s sleep with the evening, even when the guy pieces down such as their the 2 consent to not ever make love instead of consent. The next morning, Scott asks Ramona to come quickly to the initial bullet of one’s Toronto Internationally Battle of your Bands in the Rockit, whenever Ramona makes, Scott asks Ramona on her behalf phone number and you may Ramona gives they so you can your along with good cryptic content.

Matthew Patel [ ]

In the Rockit, Ramona appear more than just like Scott requested, Stacey raises Ramona so you’re able to Wallace, Scott’s homosexual roomie and Stacey’s sweetheart Jimmy (Kjarthan Hewitt) and you will Knives, however, Scott investigates Ramona and you will Blades, and works to your backstage town. Freeze and Boys continue-phase to try out its songs, their very first track are “I am So Sad, I am So Most, Extremely Sad” and therefore starts and stops which have “Thus unfortunate!” and their last song was a great ‘tribute’ song to Wallace, which enjoys taunting her or him from the balcony, “I Dislike Your Delight Pass away”. Because they have fun with the track, Stills is concerned that they’re going to never ever winnings and you may indication which have G-Child (Jason Schwartzman) rather than gamble

beginning night on their In pretty bad shape Theatre. As Scott watches regarding the balcony, the guy observes Ramona try seated near to Knives, and therefore time it is a horror become a reality in order to Scott. Gender Bob-omb goes on the fresh new stage playing their just tune, ‘Garbage Truck’, but the show is actually disrupted by the fight with Matthew Patel. While you are fighting, Ramona informs Scott from the this lady and you may Matthew’s dating, Matthew is insulted by this and you will gets into a tunes battle and summons their fireballs and you can devil hipster chicks to battle Scott. Whenever you are looking to incinerate Scott, Scott puts a cymbal at the Matthew and you will punches your throughout the face, KO’ing your. Scott will get $dos.40 and a thousand factors to have beating Matthew. Scott’s amount of money having defeating Matthew is not sufficient to have a beneficial bus back. For the coach, Ramona tells Scott whenever they’ll continue to day, Scott will have to defeat the lady 7 evil exes.

Aftermath [ ]

Scott goes back to your their apartment, effect delighted as the he got next (perhaps basic and a half) foot yesterday in which he provides the second date tonight. Scott informs Wallace you to definitely Ramona’s visiting his house thus the guy does not

wanted Wallace gaying in the put, but Wallace wants Scott to split with Knives while he watches the fresh new Lucas Lee (Chris Evans) marathon who was which pretty good skater, today that it pretty good star and they’re filming a different film starring which have your when you look at the Toronto and Wallace was staking your. If Scott cannot separation having Knives, he’ll share with Ramona from the Blades. If you find yourself Wallace is enjoying a good Lucas Lee flick titled ‘Spike: Get more Step: Cooler Call’, Scott ultimately getaways up with Blades, mortifying this lady.

Right back on Scott’s domestic, Gender Bob-omb are doing ring behavior with the next bullet of your Competition of your own Groups. This time these include doing ‘Summertime’. Ramona moves off to Scott’s home for a night out together, Scott is actually astonished one to Ramona’s hair is today bluish, he discovers you to definitely Ramona transform her tresses each week and you can a great 1 / 2 of. Later, Ramona and you can Scott eat garlic dough. Ramona tells Scott one to dough makes you fat. Scott tells Ramona which he authored a song throughout the their and you can offers her a sneak peek from it. Instantly, Scott knows the guy demands a haircut (Jealousy broke up with Scott due to their tresses), very he discusses his tresses with a hat and you can lies in order to Ramona that they might have to go getting a stroll.

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